SPIRAGAINE participates in the development of major public transport projects throughout the world, thus contributing to the challenges of sustainable transport in the context of urban and interurban mobility.

Our reliable and durable solutions meet the standards of the railway industry and satisfy the requirements for smoke and fire behavior.

Gaine de ventilation grise pour les travaux de maintenance d'un wagon

Ventilation shaft maintenance work

Tuyauterie d'un groupe climatisation d'un train

Air conditioning ducts

Tuyau souple rouge pour le refroidissement d'un train

Flexible hoses

Examples of applications:

  • Engine air intake
  • Car air conditioning
  • Defrosting presence detector
  • Engine air intake hoses
  • Cabin and railcar air conditioning
  • Engine thermal insulation
  • HVAC junction
Tuyauterie souple rouge de distribution d'air d'un wagon

Flexible distribution hoses

Corresponding product family:

You will find below the most used product families for the railway sector. We adapt our products to the requirements of their use.

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