Construction and Public Works – Tunnel – Mine

SPIRAGAINE supplies the major French public works contractors.

Our ducts for ventilation or the passage of powder and aggregate benefit from a robustness allowing them an intensive use.

Un compagnon à coté d'une gaine de ventilation souple Spiragaine

Tunnel ventilation shaft

Une gaine souple noire dans un atelier

Ventilation duct for confined spaces

Une gaine souple de chargement vrac sur un bateau

Cement loading hose

Examples of applications :


  • Worksite ventilation
  • Bulk loading handle
  • Tunnel ventilation and underground mine
  • Hot air extraction
  • Extraction of dust-laden air
  • Work in confined spaces
  • Ventilation of underground rooms
  • Powder transfer sheath
  • Smoke control
  • Large volume ventilation
  • Filtration
Un ventilateur rouge sur un chantier industriel

Mobile construction fan

Corresponding product family :

Below you will find the families of products most used for construction sites and public works. Ventilation ducts for dusty construction sites or for the ventilation of tunnels and underground construction sites. Our range of recognized centrifugal fan “VENTILAIR” allows to pull in or to push back air in precise zones in order to allow workers to work in the respect of the safety instructions.

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