Insulating cover

SPIRAGAINE manufactures insulating covers for all types of applications, whether to save energy, protect against the risk of burning, maintain the temperature or freeze. Our products are made to measure for optimal insulation.

Insulating cover

Flanged insulating mattress

Insulating protective cover

Insulating mattress

Freeze protection cover

Technical description

Our expertise :
Made to measure
We have materials such as: Neoprene ®, PVC, Silicone, Viton® Hypalon ®, glass wool, rock wool, PU foam etc …
Product with great robustness and easily removable.

Areas of application

Our insulated covers answer different problems:

  • security
  • prevention of the risk of burns
  • energy saving
  • reduction of heat loss
  • wear & corrosion
  • protection against freezing and thermal condensation
  • temperature control

They are used in industry, petrochemicals and in the optimization of heating equipment.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions : made-to-measure
Temperature : -70 °C to +1 000 °C


  • Fire (M0, M1, M2)
  • Smoke (F0, F1…)
  • ATEX (zone 0, 1, 2 et 20, 21, 22)

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