Specific vehicles

SPIRAGAINE is a true partner of the manufacturers of specific vehicles.

In collaboration with the design office, we design and manufacture specific ducting systems that meet the space and temperature constraints encountered in the design of a vehicle. Whether it is for motorsports or construction equipment, our products offer high resistance to strong solicitations and engine environments.

Une gaine souple noir dans un véhicule jaune

Protective sheath

Un flexible noir dans un véhicule jaune

Inlet hose

Examples of applications :

  • Engine intake
  • Cooling of the Brake Scoop
  • Engine exhaust
  • Hot spot thermal insulation
  • Oil return
  • Vehicle air conditioning
Des tuyaux rouges sous une voiture de sport

Air intake hoses

Tuyau rouge de refroidissement d'écope de frein

Cooling hose for brake valve

Product family for specific vehicles :

Find below the families of products most used by the manufacturers of specific vehicles.

They trust us :

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