SPIRAGAINE has historically collaborated with the various French military branches and the defense industry.

Known for our quality, we offer products that meet the harsh environments of military activities. We participate in the proper functioning of the French military’s equipment for both new programs and maintenance in operational conditions, we

Groupe climatisation avec gaines souples militaire

Air conditioning unit ducting

Gaine pour le refroidissement des composants électriques d'un radar

Cooling jacket

Gaine de ventilation d'un radar mobile

Ventilation duct

Examples of applications:


  • Air intake hoses
  • Furnace ducting
  • Temporary shelter ventilation duct
  • Ventilation duct for temporary shelters
  • Air conditioning ducts
  • Oil return hoses
  • Air diffuser
  • High temperature insulating cover
  • Pipes, hoses, NBC sleeves
  • Engine exhaust
  • Shipyard
Tuyauterie de climatisation d'un véhicule blindé

Armored vehicle hoses

Corresponding product families :

Find below the most used product families for the military and defense sector. We adapt our products to the requirements linked to their uses.

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